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A Sad Attempt To Summarize Sin City.
Hello from Las Vegas!

Right now, I'm hanging out at the Las Vegas Convention Center for my dad's trade show. The show deals with all things Power Generating, everything from trade magazines to giant valves to copper coils.

I'm standing at the UTC Power Booth #2017. Rock on.

I've been in Vegas for what... 4 days? It really is easy to lose track of time here. It's also easy to lose track of your dad, since I have no clue where he is.

By far, the best thing about the trade shows is the free stuff. There's a bizarre cocktail party happening right in the middle of the center, for some reason, and the booth to my left is playing Power! Jeopardy. If I wasn't doing this, I'd go play.

Anyway, I have to get over to that cocktail party, because the hors d'ouvres were looking spectacular. So here's some excerpts from my trip so far:

Airline employees will sprint for you.

The Four Seasons Las Vegas is heaven on earth.

Maggie and I never knew showering together could be so fun.

Sometimes, Shannon raises Satan from the pits of hell. Accidentally, of course.

It's possible to eat breakfast, then lunch, all in one sitting.

I doubled my money at blackjack.

Maggie's a slot slut.

The Noodle Shop isn't as good as it looks.

The yummy seafood place is McCormick and Schmick's, not McCormick and Schmuck's. Damn. And I really wanted that T-Shirt.

Two suitcases are nowhere near enough.

I hung out with a Rapper named Ghost. And his buddy, Tenacious. No, I couldn't say their names with a straight face.

There are showgirls in the elevator.

I think Dion Sanders is staying in our hotel.

Chapped lips and Nevada go hand in hand.

I totally forgot I'm in Nevada until I just wrote that. I had to sit and think what state I was in.

There's way too much in Las Vegas to even attempt the bullet point entry. Sorry. Maybe I'll do a top ten list next time, eh?

Cocktail time.

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