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Did you think I died?

You did, didn't you?

You thought I just up and died, all dropping off the face of the earth.

Well, I didn't.

I moved from the Keys to "the Miami area," really, a little down halfway between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Some things were great, some things were hard. I'm still with the same job - bigger newsroom, more intense, but I'd argue it's a lot more fun.

I'm still with Beaker. We broke up for one night, then got back together. This long distance thing is a real kick in the neck.

And I because so obsessed with cupcakes for a while there, I went and bought a pair of cupcake pajamas.

I like them so much, they've inspired a new website.

And I have a lot to talk about.

For one, if you notice my description of where I live, then turn on any news station, you'll realize there's a tropical storm/soon-to-be-hurricane getting ready to nail me.

As soon as that mess blows through, I'm flying up to Indiana to join my friend Maggie on a drive across the country to Palm Springs.

And I got a digital camera.

Go ahead, click the new link. I mean, there's nothing there YET, except a picture of my cupcake pajamas, because I'm just now writing this, and GOD, PEOPLE, I can't be two places at once.

Plus, I have to be at work in an hour and need to shower.

But I'm here for the tropical weather, and will post photos and descriptions for as long as I have power.

Then after that, journalling across the U.S. of A.

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