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Trucking Along
I am on total cruise control right now.

My job is good. I'm learning every single day. I get to do amazing things.

I love my living situation.

Being single has treated me well so far. Better than expected.

I have good friends, and for the first time in a long time, am making new ones. Nice, nice people. There's only so many of us down here, and I'm thinking we have to stick together.

My deli rage has been pretty much under control.

I leave for L.A. in exactly one week to visit old friends whom I love dearly.

You know by saying this, I'm inviting Satan to rise from the pits of hell, tap me on the head with his flaming big fork thing, and curse it all to hell. I know I'm a Jinx-O-Matic right now.

But since my life is a comfortable sigh at this moment, I thought I'd share.

Speaking of L.A., I was talking to our country station DJ about my trip this afternoon.

Me: "Yeah, we leave in a week. It's only my second time. I'm visiting two of my best buddies from college. Oh, and I'm taking Shawn and Co-Host Kim."

DJ knows both Shawn and Co-Host Kim.

DJ (drawling - he DOES work for the country station): "Oh. My. Gawd."

I just grinned at him.

DJ: "I'm going to call Los Angeles and warn them! 'Y'all look out! A hurricane's a-comin'!'"

Me: "Hee."

DJ: "Man. I'd love to be a fly in your luggage."

Me: "I know. We're going to tear it up."

Hey, if you've been to LA and have any suggestions for something we MUST do there, go here and let me know what they are.

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