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Hey, Happy Random Crap Day!
Continuing my Week At Home, following the Week Of Blur. Strangely, now that I'm camped out in the bachelorette pad, I'm feeling more tired than I was last week, when I was camped out wherever. (That's not as girlwhore as it sounds - I'm referring to friends' homes.) Last night, I head to bed well before midnight. My light is across the room from my bed, so I always click it off, then leap into bed and collapse on my pile o' pillows. Last night, I clicked it off, leapt into bed, and as I collapsed into the pile, slammed my head into the concrete wall above the bed. I was afraid to fall asleep in case I had a concussion or something, but I appear to be okay. Appear.

Well, one good thing about The Big Breakup is that Shawn and I have gotten even closer. She's moved in now that Neal has moved out, and she's been nothing but a great roommate and one of my biggest supporters. Not even just with Neal stuff - with work, when we go out, everything.

However, she's been gone for part of last week, and through the rest of this week, because she's house/kidsitting. It's kinda weird, how much I miss her, considering I still see her at work everyday. (We're in the same building - she's downstairs. Directly downstairs, in fact - I could probably jump up and down right above her head.) I've just gotten used to having her around every night. Now I have to talk to myself when I have smartass comments for the TV characters. Or tell them to the cat, and really, she just doesn't appreciate me like Shawn does. In fact, the cat is by far an inferior roommate, when compared to Shawn. Miss Budina doesn't clean up a damn thing, and Shawn never, EVER sits on my face while I'm trying to take a nap.

Okay, there was that one time, but it was a holiday.

There are all kinds of things in my life that are "coming up."

I'm approaching the first anniversary of my talk show with Co-Host Kim. We need to do something special, but haven't decided what yet. Champagne comes to mind, but that's it for now. OOH! Fireworks and strippers! And maybe a piñata!

One week from tomorrow, I leave for LA to visit two of my bestest buddies. Shawn and Kim are coming with me. Even though I've been to LA only once, I'm pretty excited to "show them the town." Especially Mo' Better Meaty Meat Burgers.

I have NO plans for the long weekend, but I think I'm going to try to work Monday and take the comp day. Meaning the next two days will be especially busy, filling Monday's casts, because it's unlikely I'll receive much news or be able to follow up on anything when no one else in the entire Keys sets foot in an office. Strangely, that weekend isn't a big going-out weekend for locals, either. Actually, it's not that strange - there are a whole pile of psychos that come screaming down the islands, celebrating and tossing trash around. The locals just hide out and hope no one they love dies in a car accident.

Oop, phone for me. Gotta go.

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