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Oops, I Did It Again
Holy smokes, has it been three weeks already? It has.

Weíve had another hurricane near-miss, and my Birthday Week just wrapped up. Thank goodness itís over, and really thank goodness itís only once a year Ė I donít think I could survive more than that.

The weekend before last, I kind of accidentally had a party at my house. It all started with a friend over for apple martinis, and grew from there. The apple martinis are a recent discovery in the Jamie/Beaker household, and I sort of wish we hadnít. Every time we have an apple martini night, I end it by watching the sun come up.

Here are some ways you can tell that you just threw an excellent accidental cocktail party:

- The next morning, the kitchen floor is sticky.

- You donít wash the party dishes for 3 days.

- When you leave the house that night to go barhopping, you leave one of your friends lying on your bedroom floor.

- The outside bathroom/laundry room is locked, you canít figure out how, and you canít figure out how to get it open.

- When Beaker gets back in town, he explains that it opens with your house key, dumbass.

- You friend leaves you a voicemail the next day gushing over how soft and squishy her bedroom carpet is.

- You canít find the bathroom trash can, even though you saw it sitting next to your friend that night.

- You find it two days later, in the shower. (Wait, that one might just be a testament to how completely disgusting I am.)

- You find yourself in the middle of a wrestling match.

- The wrestling is only broken up when a third party SITS ON you two.

- There is a shot glass STUCK in one of your Lord Of The Rings light-up glasses, and you still canít get it out.

- You have neither the drive nor the energy to toss yourself any sort of birthday celebration the next weekend.

And yet, there were totally birthday celebrations. Which I will have to tell you about another time.

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