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Next Stop: Claritin Rehab
Damn, it is taking me a long time to finish writing about L.A. Which is too bad, because as exciting as meeting Billy and being on The Price As Right were, the last night was so insane Iím not even sure how to tell you about it.

Which is probably why I havenít, come to think of it.

So Iíll talk about other crap.


I think Iíve spoken before about how this allergy med, which is actually taken by some people EVERY DAY with no unusual side effects, screws with my mind.

Some days, itís kind of a pleasant high, and I feel like me, except my headís a little floaty.

But SOME days, itís like today.

Where Iím acting like such a goof, I have this constant need to reassure others, ďItís okay. Iím just freebasing the Claritin, thatís all.Ē

I canít type. I canít think. And the worst part is (beside the fact that this is NOT stopping me from driving at my usual breakneck speeds down the highway), I keep forgetting why I feel like a crackhead, and then I rememberÖ Ah! Itís the Claritin!

Over and over.

Like Iím Dory from Finding Nemo.


was a total bitch.

First Week: Relay For Life

Second Week: Went to L.A.

Third Week: Moved into new home

Fourth Week: My sister visited

And here we are.

Yeah, Beaker and I moved in to our sweet, canal-front house together. I love it, we got an incredible deal, and I will never find a better rental value as long as I live in the Keys, I am sure of this.

The living together bit is fine, except for the fact that after our first week of Crazy Moving Motivation, weíve now settled into a place where maybe those boxes arenít SO BAD at the end of the stairs, and they can just stay there until whenever.

Like, total slack.

In our defense, it has been 9,000 degrees here for a week, and we donít have central AC in the new place. Itís easy to melt into a steamy couch puddle under those circumstances.

A Little More On The Cohabitation

We went grocery shopping together, for the first time, at lunch today. Despite the fact that it makes me feel like such a fucking Everybody Loves Raymond stereotype, here is a sampling of what we each bought:

Jamie Ė fresh vegetables, yogurt, salad dressing, tortillas

Beaker Ė processed cheese product in all its forms, including but not limited to puffs, balls, au gratin mix, and actual processed cheese slices

Tonight, we have plans to bicker over who does the most housework, how his hard earned wages should be decided, and whose turn it is to put the kids to bed.

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