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Big Changes
I got a new job in a new town.

I'm moving, Beaker's staying. We're looking for my new apartment together, this weekend.

Shawn gave birth to a baby girl last weekend, while I was at the wedding of a college friend.

My sister turned 26 yesterday.

I turned 28 a couple of weeks ago, and this web site turned... what? Four years old? SERIOUSLY? Okay.

I received a really nice, big award from the American Cancer Society for my volunteer work, of which I am irrationally proud.

Everything is changing, most of it is good.

However, the side effects have included a very sore throat, and crippling insomnia. Seriously, I feel like I'm hallucinating. It hasn't been this bad since my mom died.

Other than that, though, things are great. I'm busy, but details will come. Soon, I hope.
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