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Disjointed, Much?
You know what the worst thing is about chairing a volunteer committee?

You canít yell at people who are giving their time for free.

Even if they really, really deserve it.

I think Iím just going to leave that one at that.

I havenít written, because Iíve been boring. Fighting a lame-ass cold all week. In the shower this morning, I spent the 15 minutes alternating between putting soap on myself, and coughing up loogies. It ruled.

So Iíve been sleeping a lot, and eating a lot of soup. Not exactly fodder for riveting journal entries, eh?

I mean, I could wax poetic about the different kinds of chicken noodle soup on the market. Iíve tried just about all of them this week. But Iíll spare you. (Campbells Mega Noodle is the BEST, bitches!)

The BigAss Nautical Flea Market is in town this weekend. That means it takes 90 times as long to get anywhere, so I usually just hide out with all the other locals.

I havenít been to Tae Kwon Do in almost a month. Iíve never missed class for this long before. I was sick all this week. Before that, it was something, every night. A station event. A business expo. Talk shows. An errand that had to be run RIGHT NOW. Beaker distracting me. Well, I guess thatís a lousy excuse, but it happens.

Iím just getting a little worried about my ass-kicking abilities.

PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET: If you have some sort of grudge against me, and would like to try your hand at kicking some Jamie ass, wellÖ now is the time.

Bring it on.

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