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Joey met someone last night who he says looks just like me.

I swear, I look like someone to EVERYONE.

"You look just like my cousin, if you had blond hair."

"You look exactly like my best friend from high school."

"Doesn't she look just like [insert male name here]'s girlfriend?" "Oh my god, yes!"

"You look like that chick from Dirty Dancing."

"You look like Gloria Estefan."

"You look like Jennifer Aniston."

"You look like that girl on 'My Two Dads.'"

"You look like a white Whitney Houston." (This really happened, and I don't know, either.)

If I'm with my sister:

"Are you guys twins?"

If I'm with my mom:

"Are you guys sisters?"

If I'm with my dad:

"Is this your wife?" (OK, that's not a lookalike, but it's happened twice and it freaks my shit out.)

I looked exactly like my high school boyfriend's mother. Even I could see the resemblance. When she and HS boyfriend's dad were getting divorced, dad would always want to sit really close to me. Freud would have had a field day with that one. Wonder why THAT relationship didn't work out?

No longass Vegas update tonight. So very, very tired.

Leaving for Ohio for the Christmas Family Big Fun Week. There will be absolutely, positively nothing at all relaxing about this trip, I promise. But I'm still looking forward to it. I miss that crazy fam.

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