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I'm A Reel Shark
I didn't expect to spend my weekend fishing, but that's what's happening. I'm exhausted.

There's this tournament here that compines a captain with a celebrity with an angler. It costs the angler like $2500 to enter. Well, this tournament was supposed to be several weeks ago, but Hurricane Michelle evacuation forced it to be postponed.

Some of the celebrities were unable to return for the rescheduled fishing. So I received a phone call last night informing me that my out-of-control radio fame qualifies me for celebrity status, and asking if I'd like to fill in.

But of course.

So my ass has been up fishing since 5 a.m. I caught several fish, including a big shark, but only one redfish that counts for points. I go back tomorrow.

The funniest thing about my day, though, was the captain and the angler. See, the angler owns a boat company that I won't name here. And the captain happens to own and fish with that brand of boat.

Oh, and the captain wasn't exactly the most tactful fish on the sea (get it?).

He kept telling the boat company guy, "No offense, but the ONLY thing I don't like about this boat is..."

After about 14 only things, I think the angler was starting to wish ol' Captain would be quiet.

Wish me luck tomorrow, OK?

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Me: "Thanks."

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