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Deck The Halls With Dried Out Boughs
Overdue Weekend Recap:

Thursday: Laid around.

Thursday night: Watched Survivor. Went out with Shawn and her cousin.

Friday: Laid around.

Friday night: Drank wine and laid around.

Saturday: Was pretty tired from the wine, so laid around. Cleaned a little.

Saturday night: More laying around.

Sunday: Thought about going swimming. Laid around, instead. Cleaned a little more.

Sunday night: Sad about end of long weekend. Too depressed to do anything, so laid around.


Shawn broke up with her boyfriend Sunday night. Poor thing. She's doing that thing where she knows she made the right choice, but it's still HARD. So even though I overdid it with the wine-sipping Sunday night, I was a good friend and split a bottle of Gerwestgemeiner (close enough) last night. I also gave her her birthday presents, a month late.

Getting a tree is on the long list of crap Neal and I talked about doing but didn't this weekend. I'm not sure when we're going to do that - I guess this coming weekend, because after that I'm in VEGAS, baby! But Shawn and I just came back from the grocery store, and can I just say one bad thing about South Florida? Worst. Christmas. Trees. Ever.

No kidding. They have the general crappy-looking ones, and then there's this area where they lock away all the bad trees that are almost all brown. It's very sad.

It's Two Talk show Tuesday, so I have to run. Smell you later.

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