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Michelle, My Hell
(written earlier today)

Hurricane Michelle is on its way. If I was Dorothy, I'd be all running around with my basket and dog screeching, "Auntie Em! Auntie Em!" for no good reason. Wait, that was a tornado. Whatever.

Just a quick update to let you all know I'm OK, despite the big fat hurricane

......Hi, this is Kim and I just kicked Jamie off the computer. See, She loves this shit. She has been craving a hurricane since she came to the Keys. She's really wanted to try one out. So don't let her give you this scared, poor little girl emotion. And now, back to your host Jamie....

I am not giving them scared little girl! I am giving them strong woman in the face of adversity. (You all know Co-Host Kim. She just bodily flung me out of my chair to write that.)

O.K., I made her go bye-bye again. Maybe not scared little girl, but delicate, innocent, child awaiting a possible massively destructive force. Now she's practicing Tae Kwon Do in the studio. Guess I have to move before she kicks this way...

I will kick your monkey ass! I will! Eh, maybe later. She ran back into the studio.

Kim and I are hanging out at the station, keeping everything up to date as we wait for Hurricane Michelle to come and beat the crap out of us. It's a category 4 hurricane stalled around Cuba.

Here's where things stand - Tourists and all other non-Keys-residents were ordered to evacuate at 7 a.m. Now, everyone who lives in a trailer, RV, mobile home, or houseboat is being asked to evacuate. There's also a voluntary evacuation in place for residents.

Schools and government offices are all closed Monday.

Kim and I are getting the information and the forecasts on the air, until her shift ends shortly. Neal is at home, battening down the hatches. He has to set up hurricane shutters, then later, he'll bring all the outside stuff (like garbage cans and chairs and if we had any white trash lawn ornaments, he'd bring those in too) inside. We have supplies, and he's later going to bring Miss Budina inside and make some decisions about whether or not he'll evacuate.

Anne was sweet enough to offer her home, since it looks like this baby is going to plow right over us. But I'm not evacuating. That would defeat the whole purpose of me being the news director, if I was to run away from stories as they happen. I don't know what Neal will do.

Written right now.

I'm home for the night. ALL Lower Keys residents are now being evacuated. We're sitting tight and keeping an eye on things. I get to sleep in my bed tonight, but it's probably the last night for a while. Early tomorrow, I'm back in the station to get back to work.

Nice weekend, huh?

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