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The Entry Where I DON'T Tell You About The Swim With Dolphins
The swim with dolphins on Sunday was way fun. I was going to compose a lyrical entry documenting the magic and magnificent demeanor of those animals. But I can't. I don't know if this makes me any less of a writer, but I can't seem to put that experience into words that do it justice.

The best I can come up with is when you go to SeaWorld, and you're watching the dolphin shows... They're so freaking cool, and you're watching the trainer interact, and thinking about how he or she gets to hang out with the dolphins every single day. Then you start to think about how fucking cool that would be, and how much you wish you could have that job instead of sitting at a desk pounding on a keyboard every day of your damn life. Well, the swim was like having a wish come true.

Dolphins are even bigger than you sense they are when you're actually in the water with them. When they swim by you, they shove you back a few feet. They can sense if someone's pregnant, and they will NOT ram a pregnant woman's belly, as I'm finding many people believe. But they will gather around and hang out right next to the pregnant woman, because they can hear the extra heartbeat. They can also sense if you've had surgery or a broken leg. That's why they're so good with kids with developmental disorders, and often used to enhance therapy.

I'd plunk down the chunk of cash to do it again in a second. Neal thought it was a good birthday present, and really that's all that counts.

If I ever get my hands on a scanner, I'll post a picture.

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