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Bad News Comes In... Fives?
1. Our rent is going up. Way the fuck up. It's increasing by 50% at the end of this month, then jumping ONE HUNDRED PERCENT in June.

Shawn and I have talked about it. Even Beaker and I and Shawn and I have talked about it... It'll be tough, but Shawn and I can swing it 'till June, but there's no way once it doubles. Maybe the three of us will get a place. Maybe just Beaks and me, and Shawn will move in with someone else. Maybe Shawn and I will just live elsewhere. I don't know, but that's all that's been running through my head (Rent's going up, Rent's going up, Jamie's going insane, Rent's going up), until...

2. Thursday night. It'll go down in history. A very close friend of mine got into a very big pile of trouble. It's not my story to tell, but let's say I spent Friday inside a courthouse and outside of a jailhouse.

3. Okay, I guess the title is a bit misleading, because that's it for the bad news. But they are such major, life-changing events, it feels like more has happened.

There's good stuff, too. Beaker's coming to Ohio/PA with me for Christmas. I'm pretty excited about that. I really, really miss my family. None of us have visited as much in 2003 than in 2002, and I can feel it.

I talked to my youngest sister, Carrie, last night. Yesterday was her 21st birthday. Guess what she spent the day doing? Shots? Strippers?


Getting her tonsils out, poor thing. Dad says she'd been having problems for a while now, and I think she was more relieved about getting the fuckers out than upset about missing the big 2-1. When I talked to her on the phone last night, though, I got really sad. She just sounded so tired and sick, and she could barely talk, and it hit me how much I missed all of them.

Then, I talked to Dad today, and he told me I should have called an hour later, when she got a second wind. He says ever since the surgery, instead of saving her voice, she'll just talk and talk until she can't anymore. Then, she'll pop painkillers until she's so numb and giddy that she can't shut up, and the whole cycle starts over.

Kinda sounds like big sis, huh?

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