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Poor Jamie, Poor Kitty
I was home sick yesterday. And not in that good nooky-way, either.

Moving made me sick. I was going to write a big long entry about it, but I'm so tired of the whole damn deal I'll just sum it up:


Moving heavy things... Neal sanding the floors... Dust FUCKING EVERYWHERE... I have a severe dust allergy... Sneezing fits into my dust mask (good, clean, boogery-wet fun)... Moving more heavy things... Trouble breathing... chest closing up... More dust... go to old house... Guess what? That's dusty, too... Think about how nice it would be to be the Boy in the Bubble... Lie on bed and feel how much chest hurts and wish I could die... finally fall asleep... wake up yesterday with a fierce sore throat and a hoarse voice... No work for me.

I slept most of the day. No, wait. I spent most of the day wishing upon wish, hoping upon hope, that I could just gather enough strength to get to a computer and put up a Diaryland entry. But alas, the computers were unplugged and sitting at the new place, in the middle if a pile of dust. No Internet for sneezy me.

So after I finished sleeping all day, I went out and bought cough medicine and magazines, then rotted my brain for a while.

Finally, last night, we borrowed a truck and got just about everything moved over. For the first time, we spent the night in the new place. It was nice.

Tonight, we clean the old place. More cleaning. Yipp-fucking-ee.

Oh, we also moved the cat over last night. We had some concerns about doing this, because she adopted us. We're afraid she'll miss her old 'hood and not be able to adjust. She had friends there. Quasimoto, the cat with the gouged-out eye, was her best buddy. We feel bad, but we love her, and we'll take good care of her. She was really skinny when we moved in, before Neal started feeding her. And if she wants to go back, she can, and we'll just visit, but we're going to try this.

It's only been one night, but it's not going superwell so far. As soon as we got her there, she slinked under the bed. I've never seen her hide under a bed before. She explored a little, but mostly stayed underbed all night. When Neal let her out this morning, all she wanted to do was sit under his car. I don't know. I'm going home to get the mail in a bit here, and I'll check on her.

Hey, maybe some people who read this have cats! We've never done anything like this before. Any advice? Thanks.

This is kinda scattered. Like this guy. Better stuff tomorrow. I think.

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