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12.14.00, evening
I Pass The Buck To Squib, Then Kiss Her Ass
Yeah, I'm a hypocrite.

Squibnocket made a big fatty fat lying liar out of me. It is totally her fault. Really. Crap.

Yeah, I probably shouldn't be slinging blame at the wonderful person who absolutely made my day by surprising me with a gorgeous shiny header for no apparent reason other then she likes what she reads here.

Not to mention that the header makes me a part of the fabulous Diaryland Beautification Project, the source of some of the most beautiful diaries in, uh... well, in the "Land." Heh.

And it's really not Squib's fault.

My hypocrisy began right after I finished this morning's exasperation-filled entry. My addiction had gone too far, and I was declaring a day-long moratorium on looking into the lives of strangers. I vowed, I swore, I promised publicly.

But, you know... after I posted the entry, I HAD to check and see if all those links worked. And while I was there, I might as well read the new entries, right? And since some people hadn't updated yet, I HAD to check back later and see what happens, right?

I know, wrong. But I did it anyway. I blame you all. Not just Squibnocket, but everyone of you brilliant jounallers.

So after I broke my vows not 4 minutes after making them, I received the email with the excellent radio header and became possessed with a redesign.

Then Joe ratted me out, so I figured I better put up an entry explaining my hypocrisy. My horrible, horrible hypocrisy.

AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, thanking Squibnocket for what you see here. Killer, huh?

P.S. Do you know what a FAQ is? Yeah? Well, how about a JAQ? Joe does. If you check here tomorrow, you will, too.

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