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"Show me your tits and I'll give you some beads!" "I don't fucking think so."
OK, so it was Fantasy Fest in Key West this weekend. I was there. Yow.

So fun.

While it only lasted three days, it was a LONG weekend, know what I mean? So to keep this from being a novel, I'm going to give you the quick and dirty rundown, and then tomorrow, follow that up with some key incidents. Some of the stuff that happened is top secret, anyway.

Thursday: Shannon, Maggie, and Gretchen arrive. They hang out at the house during the afternoon while I finish up work. They I take them to a bar, where my station is broadcasting a weekly radio show. You should have seen them charm the entire bar. The place was crackling with charisma. I beamed like a proud mommy.

Shan talked politics with our superintendent who is running for re-election.

Mags charmed the pants off of my non-communicative boss. He even showed her the sharks that hang out at the restaurant.

Gretchen flirted with some random guy. We all worked mega-combined-tag-team-charm on another co-worker, garnering an invite to hang out on his boat the next day.

Had dinner (mmm... steamed mussels), went home, watched videos and drank wine way too late.

Friday: Oh, Lord. My soul for a few extra vacation days. Dragged my tired and hungover ass out of bed and into the station for work. Plowed through like a zombie.

Cut out early to go on boat with the girls and co-worker. THAT was beautiful. I love boats so much. It was the only time I felt awake all day.

Went home, were WAY behind our plans. Neal cooked a fab dinner... steaks, salmon steaks, asparagus with orange cheese sauce, salad (by me), honey wheat rolls. Num.

Spirited away with the girls to do secret stuff. We decided not to go out after all, and were in bed by 2 a.m.

Saturday: Woke up. Earlyish. Packed. Drove to Key West. Traffic not as bad as we thought. The drive down the Keys, as always, was breathtaking. We pointed out pretty things to each other.

Changed. Hotel room toilet broken. Late again. Went to VIP party with free food and open bar and killer view of parade a little late. (Got in because of station contacts. Love my job sometimes.) Ate, drank, and were merry. Caught some beads.

Left. Ran around. Met many people. Danced at several bars, and sometimes just in the middle of the street. Shannon and I won a limbo contest. We rock.

More running around. More meeting people. (Some of us were "meeting" people a little more than others, if you know what I mean. Shannon and Gretchen, I'm looking in your direction.)

Tore our costumes. Tore off itchy parts of costumes. Two racks and an ass were flashed in exchange for beads, but I'm not saying whose. Took 84,000 pictures. Exchanged possibly millions of beads with strangers.

Headed to final, dance-like-a-maniac-depleting-any-energy-left bar. One guy told me he was going to "dance my face off," but that didn't happen. We all DID dance like maniacs, though. And at about 4:30 a.m., we were finally tired. Went back to hotel and collapsed.

Sunday: Shopped and walked around Key West. Ate in a wonderful Greek cafe. As we strolled around, we each individually fell in love with Key West (happens to me every time I go there... in fact, I re-fell in love). God, that place is incredible. So much culture and beauty and charm packed onto one island, with amazing sunsets and perfect weather to boot.

Got caught in horrible traffic. Gretchen missed her plane. Got her a hotel, went home.

Mags and Shan went to the airport on a Greyhound this morning. Thought we were going to miss that, too. We're all hotties, more fun than rock stars, and indisputeably smart, but punctuality is not on of our strengths.

Funny stuff tomorrow, I promise.

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